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Our Services

  • Premium Interior For Sedan A deep clean that leaves no spot unattended...

    160 Canadian dollars
  • Premium Interior&Exterior For Sedan A deep clean that leaves no spot B...

    200 Canadian dollars
  • Perfect Express Cleaning Service For Regular Maintenance! Extra $ May...

    89 Canadian dollars

We offer 2 product lines that go beyond traditional and give us the future of the automobile reconditioning industry. RestorFX Paint Correction is a professional restoration system that permanently brings the surface of a vehicle back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish. ClearFX Ceramic Coatin is a range of professional solutions chemically engineered for automotive surface protection and modification

It's true, to the untrained eye there isn't much difference between valeting and detailing. But our premium detailing services blow valeting out of the water. We spend 3-6 hours and sometimes even more to make sure we deliver  Premium High Quality Service to our clients.

Our professional car detailing specialists have years of experience to provide you with amazing results. Enjoy premium dealership-quality car detailing services at a fraction of the cost. We meticulously deep clean your car every time. If your car is a complete mess, we make extra effort to ensure you say WOW.

We’re one of GTA top professional auto detailers having served over 1000 customers. Customers like us because we offer consistent quality with care and awesome customer service. When it comes to car detailing, it’s the small details that count. We take great care of your car every time. We guarantee our services will revive your car closest to brand new condition. 

Auto Spa Restoration Packages

  • Best Value

    Luxury Package

    This service is for SEDAN | SUV | TRUCK | VAN
    Valid for one month
    • Premium Showroom Detailing
    • Full Paint Correction ( RestorFX )
    • Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection ( ClearFX )
    • Headlight Restoration & Protection
    • Odor Removal
  • Gold Package

    This Service is for SEDAN | SUV | TRUCK
    Valid for one month
    • Premium Showroom Detailing
    • Headlight Restoration & Protection
    • Paint Restoration ( Scratch Removal )
    • Odor Removal
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